Well I took the Hasselblad 200mp out for a test over the weekend & I must say I was not disappointed!!  What an amazing bit of gear.  I put the camera through it’s paces over the weekend moving water thick bush low light & it came through with flying colours.  The quality & clarity of the file is what has me gobb smacked 1.12gb even before you attempt to do anything in photoshop yes you have read it right.  Les Walkling has posted his finding on the 200mp on his website les@leswalkling.com.au it’s worth a read.  The thing that makes this camera remarkable is that it’s actually 3 camera’s in one it shoots in 3 modes standard 50mp it’s also a multishot & the mother of all mothers 6 shot 200mp.  I haven’t come up with just one word yet for the camera but i call it “Stupidly Insane”.  This opposition has a long way to go!!  I’ve attached a file from the shoot obviously not a RAW file but the tree in the shot is about 500 metres away & blown up to look at the detail in close was pin sharp.


~ by antonioranieri on March 26, 2012.

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