“Street’s of Utrecht”

Their are a few images I have been playing around with, a lot with HDR as previously posted!!  This one is HRD’d with the B&W conversion technique Daniel & I had been playing around with.  To be able to retain all the details & work with tone in black & white is very critical.  But the other thing that works really well with black & white is luminance mapping the power to be able to paint luminance in where ever you like or choose not to have it is amazing!!  It’s all well & good to have all these amazing tools to use but I will stress to everyone that the image must be shot properly in the first place.  There is still no substitute for a great image to start off with.  This is one of the things I’m loving with the Hasselblad is the Dynamic range & the resolution you have at your disposal.  The sharpness & clarity of an image shot on a medium format camera is second to none.  Daniel & myself not long ago completed some test 35mm vs medium format just to see for ourselves what the differences would be if any?  Medium format is streaks ahead optics, sharpness, detail & quality of the file quite frankly you can’t compare.  I urge people that are contemplating the change to medium format to do there own research & tests.


~ by antonioranieri on July 29, 2010.

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